TradeView Forex Bonus Program

Available For Non-USA Traders and FxPM Users.

The FxPMSoftware founder realized that there was an overwhelming demand for fair and transparent Clearing firms with superior customer service in the market. With the vision and focus on exceeding trader’s expectations and needs, FxPMSoftware continues to seek the most complete integration of signals and execution speed available to the retail trader.

FxPMSoftware strives in partnering with clearing firms that provide their clients interbank quotes and complete transparency.

Open a live FX trading account today with our Clearing Partner Tradeview Markets;

Open Live Account

Open Live Account

And receive a 15% deposit bonus*. You will love the tightest spreads and millisecond executions provided. We take our clients trading very seriously and we ask ourselves everyday on how we can add more value.

Our Clearing Partner has developed extremely close relationships with some of the world’s largest banks and brokers to offer you some of the tightest spreads and deepest liquidity that the market has to offer. Join today and receive top class level of support throughout your trading experience.

Rules of Bonus Programs

The more you deposit the more bonus funds you receive. Trading requirements do apply.

  • Deposit bonus can only be credited to a verified account
  • In order to receive the ‘Deposit Bonus’, a minimum single deposit of $1,000 USD is required Deposit below $1,000 USD will not be entitled for “Deposit Bonus”
  • Maximum matching Bonus is capped at $7,500
  • Bonuses are applied to your first deposit as a “New Customer” of our clearing partner during the promotion period
  • Bonuses are not valid in conjunction with any other promotional offer
  • Bonus will be credited into the trading accounts within 24 hours upon reception of the deposit fund
  • This bonus is not allowed to transfer internally. If you happen to transfer any amount then bonus will be removed
  • All bonuses (Under Credit – including any other credits) will be removed from the account if the client withdraws any amount of funds before the required volume is done
  • Trade Duration Requirement: Transactions entered into on any Eligible Account which do not follow FXPM/FXST trading guide lines (Managing Positions Training Methods) and not considered “gaming the system”, bending the rules or churning (frequent buying and selling of contracts that does little to meet the client’s investment objective) shall not qualify in a calculation for Round Turn Requirements.


Deposit amount to qualify for Matching Bonus and Required 30 Day Trading Volume;


Deposit                                                                Bonus                                                   Required Lots


$500-$1,999                                                       $75                                                         11

$2,000-$2,999                                                    $300                                                       40

$3,000-$3,999                                                    $450                                                       60

$4,000-$4,999                                                    $600                                                       80

$5,000-$5,999                                                    $750                                                       100

$6,000-$6,999                                                    $900                                                       120

$7,000-$7,999                                                    $1050                                                    140

$8,000-$8,999                                                    $1,200                                                   160

$9,000-$9,999                                                    $1,350                                                   180

$10,000-$14,999                                                $1,500                                                   200

$15,000-$19,999                                                $2,250                                                   300

$20,000-$24,999                                                $3,000                                                   400

$25,000-$29,999                                                $3,750                                                   500

$30,000-$34,999                                                $4,500                                                   600

$35,000-$39,999                                                $5,250                                                   700

$40,000-$49,999                                                $6,000                                                   800

$50,000 Plus                                                      $7,500                                                   1050




How It Works

New or existing accounts at Tradeview who enroll in the Bonus Program can Fund their Live Account, and the count down for the 30 Days to qualify for the matching Bonus will not commence until the “First live trade is executed”. This offer is only valid for FXPM/FXST and IBDFX customers.



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