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FxPM – Forex Price Movement

FxPM achieves the Ultimate Forex Software Benchmark that all professional traders desire. FxPM is truly a One-of-a-Kind Trading Platform designed to specifically execute an Inter-Bank trading strategy that demands precision beyond perfection! When billions of dollars are being traded, every fraction of a pip, each micro-second, and 100% confidence in trade execution are critical.

This Revolutionary New Forex Trading System unlocks a hidden Inter-Bank interpretation on Price Action. Unlike the traditional retail trader that can only see Price Action after it happens, as opposed to professionals who trade with Price Action in Real-Time.  For the very first time, the average retail trader can gain a competitive advantage with FxPM’s exclusive features.

Get locked in at the very best pricing available for this revolutionary trading platform, you’ll be glad you did!

Why is The Beta Version Discounted?

The Pricing is significantly reduced on this Beta discount because we are still completing the software built in it’s entirety. You may be asked to upgrade your software from time to time as new features roll out.

What Features Are Missing in The Beta Version?

Right now most of the new features are in the platform, however we are still making changes to the “Matrix Alert System”. That Feature is not yet rolled out to the public but it will be shortly.

Can I Trade Live On This Version?

While there is the ability to trade live on the Beta version, we STRONGLY recommend waiting until it is out of it’s Beta phase to execute live positions.

Many of our traders are executing their live trades on a separate platform while using FxPM 2.0 to give them there entry and exit points.

Where Is Your Broker Located?

We have relationships with brokers inside the US as well as International relationships. We are continuously building relationships with brokers to offer more options to our clients.

Can I Use My Own Trading Platform?

Yes, you may choose to execute on your own trading platform, however, we developed our software to rid the trader of certain constraints that were persistent throughout most trading platforms. If your ultimate goal is to maximize gains and or reduce your mistakes(losses) it follows that you should use a platform that gives you a competitive edge in your trading.

What Kind Of Training Comes With The Software?

We firmly believe that education is fundamental for success when using any trading software. Therefore, in order to provide traders with up-to-date information we created a video series showing the different components of the software and how to utilize its features.

There is more advanced Training, Online Live Coaching, Personal Coaching, and Trading Room Access available through ForexSuccessfulTraders.com which is an industry leader and our education partner.

What Happens After This Beta Discount Is Over?

After this Beta Promotion is over, pricing will revert back to the regular retail pricing found here – http://fxpmsoftware.com/pricing/

Quarterly License

90 Day License Subscription
$297/90 Days
  • Charting Package
  • Auto Dynamic Fibonacci
  • Instant Broker Direct Module
  • Competitive Spreads
  • One Click Buy And Sell
  • Automatic Stop & Limit Orders
  • Price Movement Direction Indicators (PMD’s)
  • Proprietary Note Features
  • 5 Time Frame Matrix
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