Simple Forex Strategy Training Event

Learn a Simple Forex Strategy That Will Take Your Forex Trading To The Next Level!

DATE: Every Wednesday        TIME: 4pm & 9pm EST        EXPERT: Josh Wilson

Forex Strategy Training Event Details:

In this live strategy session, you will learn a Simple Forex Trading Strategy that market-makers have used for several years to generate above average returns. You will also learn how to use the Revolutionary FxPM Software Trading System. This one of a kind Forex Software is designed to meet the needs of Inter-Bank Traders with its superior Trade Management System and user-friendly interface. In the Forex Strategy Event we will cover:

  • Forex Strategy Results
  • The Strategy setup and rules
  • Strategy Execution and Managment

Real People. Real Results

"It's extremely fast, extremely easy to use, and very self-tutorial... It's so much easier to trade from then a regular platform, even other 1 click platforms that I've used. Anyone who thinks their interested in trading needs this software, it's the difference between having a screwdriver and an electric screw gun."

Dr. Tom Arnette

Full Time Forex Trader

"I don't know of any other software out there that thinks in terms of multi-time frames. I write a lot of Meta Trader code and it all involves multiple time frames. This is the only commercial product that I've seen that thinks in terms of multi-time frames that's one of the things I really liked about it."

Devon K.

Forex Trader & Software Developer

"We went 8 weeks, 5 days a week trading, and didn't have 1 loosing day, is when we decided to convert to a live account. Our first month, 22 days of trading, we did a little over 20% return in our account, that was fantastic, and then the week prior to us coming out here [FxPM Miami office] we netted 7.5% for the week."

Ken Stickler

Serial Entrepreneur

Here’s This Simple Forex Strategy In Action!

Includes Free Video Training Series!

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