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FxPM is truly a One-of-a-Kind Trading Platform designed to specifically execute an Inter-Bank Trading Strategy that demands precision beyond perfection! When billions of dollars are being traded, every fraction of a pip, each micro-second, and 100% confidence in trade execution are critical. FxPM achieves the Ultimate Forex Software Benchmark that all professional traders desire.

This Revolutionary New Forex Trading System unlocks a hidden Inter-Bank interpretation on Price Action.

Unlike the traditional retail traders that can only see Price Action after it happens (chart & candlestick patterns), we Trade Price Action in Real-Time, The Same Way Market Makers Trade.

For the very first time, the average retail trader can gain a competitive advantage with FxPM’s Exclusive Features.


All Of Your Questions Answered

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Will This Work On MT4 or Other Free Forex Software?

FxPM is a completely Stand-Alone Software designed from the ground up for traders looking for an edge beyond what free trading software can provide.

Professional Traders & Market Makers understand that free platforms, like MT4, are designed to serve the brokers interest. That’s why serious traders seek a software that puts the odds back in their favor.

It goes back to the old saying “Free is not really free” you’re paying one way, or another on the backend. Whether that’s trade slippage, second look execution, filtered data, latency, or stalled execution.

What Makes The FxPM Software Unique?

Joining the FxPM community is much more than just receiving a revolutionary Forex Trading Software. You will receive all the training and support necessary to help you become a consistently profitable trader.

With FxPM you get all the benefits of other Forex Platforms plus features that can’t be found anywhere else.

The development of the FxPM Software and training is based on 30+ collective years of experience and input from key market makers, that have traded at the highest institutional level.

Are There Advantages To Using The FxPM Broker?

Aside from having access to features like the rapid entry system, automatic stop-losses & limit orders, and intuitive buy & sell buttons, we also offer many benefits on the brokerage side as well.

Because of the Volume we trade as a firm and the volume of our software users we are able to negotiate institutional rates & execution for our clients. Typically a retail trader would need to fund an account with 50k or more to get the same benefits we can offer for accounts as little as $1000.

What Training Comes With The FxPM Software?

We firmly believe that education is fundamental for success when using any trading software. Therefore, in order to provide traders with up-to-date information we provide a step-by-step video training curriculum to teach you all of our strategies and money management.

Our partner, FxST, offers more advanced Training, Online Live Coaching, Personal Coaching, and Trading Room Access available through their Forex Trading School which is an industry leader and our education partner.

Can I Use My Own Broker?

If you have a broker that you prefer to use, you may execute your trades off of your brokers platform, while using FxPM to give you accurate signals. However, we developed the FxPM software to rid the trader of certain constraints that were persistent throughout most trading platforms. You may be missing out on a lot of useful features by trying to use another platform.

Does The FxPM Software Work in All Market Conditions?

The FxPM Software is designed to adapt to any and all market conditions. It works just as well in the London, New York, and Asia sessions. Although the amount of trading opportunities in each session will vary.

The software is dynamic and self-optimizing. Meaning, as market conditions change the software will adjust and provide you with the best configuration for those market conditions.

FxPM 2.0 Pricing Options

Quarterly License

90 Day License Subscription
$497/90 Days
  • Pro Charting Package
  • Auto Dynamic Fibonacci
  • Instant Broker Direct Module
  • Competitive Spreads
  • One Click Buy And Sell
  • Automatic Stop & Limit Orders
  • Price Movement Direction Indicators (PMD’s)
  • Proprietary Note Features
  • 5 Time Frame Matrix
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Who This Software Is For…

✓ New Forex Traders

✓ Traders Looking For Consistency

✓ Professional Traders Seeking Higher Efficiency

✓ Traders Wanting To Be Part of A Team

✓ Traders Seeking Emotion-Free Trading

We look Forward To Having you On Our Team!

Before using FxPM, I had a lot of problems with setting my entry points and executing them, and also determining levels of when to take profit. The system helped me determine these levels much better and quicker, which has helped me become a more consistent trader.

Matevž Pance