If you’re like the majority of Forex traders you’ve probably tried to trade market break-outs only to find you end up taking large losses instead of the HUGE gains you thought you were about to cash in on.

Most amateur traders only think about what they’re about to gain in a trade.

Professional traders think about what they have to lose in a trade.

I recorded this training video of our Chief Trader explaining risk in terms of a game we have probably all played at some point.

Truth Or Dare

The video is a long one, about 40 minutes, so set some time aside and really pay attention to this training that was discussed in our Live Trading Room.

Watch Video Below

To Summarize,

  • Think of trades in terms of what you have to risk
  • Markets range more than they trend (Especially on shorter time-frames)

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Matt Miller

Matt Miller

Sr. Trader

For over 9 years I have been trading Forex and working closely with Armando Martinez, the Founder and creator of The FxPM Software to develop FxPM. It is our goal to develop a Forex Software that not only simplifies trading decisions but also delivers institutional performance to the retail trader.

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