InstantBrokerDirect™ Module

Not only did FxPM set out to create the most unique simple to use Forex trading software on the
planet, we wanted to equip it with state of the art trading capabilities such as One Click Execution
Directly from the matrix.
InstantBrokerDirect Features
  • Real-One Click Execution
  • Easy Protect Stop and Limit Placement
  • Institutional Spreads and Execution

If you have ever traded price action you know how important it is to be able to enter and exit the market with ease. Every second counts from entering the trade, placing your stop and limit, to exiting the trade. The InstantBrokerDirect Attachment simplifies all of those elements, as well as reduces the number of mistakes the trader can make. The InstantBrokerDirect brings you one click execution attached directly to your FxPM Matrix. Placing Stop-Losses are just a click away all within the simple to use interface, Based on whether you took a Buy or Sell position your open position display is on the top or bottom of the module.

Download Software Here:

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